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If you are starting a Business or already have one and trying to expand. Let me tell you this straight if you are not online today you will be responsible for killing your own business tomorrow. We are moving towards a future where almost everything will be controlled by voice assistants, so if you don’t take the initiative to bring your business online, trust me your competitors will! A professional Website Design in Kolkata is necessary for a minimum visibility online.


Everything has a Purpose

We all have a specific goal to reach. Similarly, every piece of design or code has a unique purpose in our work. We don’t push unnecessary graphics, flash into the design to degrade the usability of your website. We always build elegant designs what works smoothly across devices. We even pick every single hex code from color pallets to match the websites need. There is a very thin line between usability & clutter. We intentionally take time to rethink what if…?

Our Focus

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Today website design plays a vital role in every businesses organization. A professional website builds the success path of the brand for its services. Today it can reach millions (10 Lakhs) of eyeballs while you focus on your work than doing marketing only. We at Fedora Web Developers can help you build your online presence. We can also assure of succeeding in the cut-throat online industry. It can also convert the visitors to potential clients through our sales funnels. Surely you are asking how?


Search Engines of today has dominated the traditional billion dollar advertising agencies. We have reached a point where we use Facebook, WhatsApp instead of messaging. These things point to a change in our mindset, work culture & productivity. This will continue to grow further, a good example can be e-commerce industry. Today people shop everything online from pen, grocery and even study material.

Our Preferred CMS

If you have ever tried to create your own website or have some previous experiance, I am sure you are asking the same. Well to answer your question let me tell you we don’t have one. One of the main reason is restriction within the cms platforms. Like WordPress is great for blogs but it starts to suffer when you use it for e-commerce. There is no “One Size Fits All” concept.

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Client Reviews

I am from Ravenna,Italy. I was having some issues with one of my client designs, these guys did a great job. I recommend them 100%.
Igwilo Boniface Onyeka
Website Designer
I have always been a little bit more paranoid about my work, thankfully the wait paid off, great work!
Amy Woodse
Human Resources
I was failing in my every marketing campaign, then I decided to hire somebody, thankfully I found these guys. It is great till now and ROI has improved a lot.
Luis Botsio
Well, I expected less but you delivered more. Will continue to work on dean project, Keep Working !