Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Basics

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The idea!

Here we have typical search results from Google. The keyword triggered almost 17 lakh (ahem!) results in 0.45 seconds. Now, this is what we call in the industry is a SERP or Search Engine Results Page. The results are divided into two parts, one is the map portion & another one is the text-only results. These results can be influenced either by paying for Google Adwords or via optimizing your existing Website Design or content.

Assuming you also have a hotel business in Kolkata & you have along with a website. Our job here is to get the pages optimized so it can reach the top of searches based on relevancy. A number of factors push this up and down every day. To give you a small idea it’s almost 200 ranking factors that are used by Google alone to rank any webpage on the web.

Major Ranking Factors

Content Optimization
Text Images & Other Media (Relevance or Applicability ) 99%
User Experience
Page UI & Usability 80%
Mobile Friendliness
Page Responsiveness on Devices 86%
Domain Authority
Website Age & Trust Metrics 60%
  • Search Engine – Google India
  • Operating Platform – Desktop, Debian x64
  • Browser – Mozilla Firefox
  • Location¬† – Kolkata, India

Keyword – A specific word or phrase which is used to search anything on the web. Here the phrase hotels in Kolkata is a keyword.

SERP – A page where we see the search results.

SEO – The Process of letting Search Engines know about your products & services so they can market it better.

Content – Text Images & Videos Provided to Web.

User Experiance – Feel & Usability

 Domain Authority РWebsites Content & Trust Metrics based on user data.

SEO Dominantes the World of Digital Marketing

Worldwide Comparison of SEO interest than Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Facebook Ads

Data Source - Google | Data Status - Live

Look you don’t have to take my words for it. If you are seeing this page chances are you have found this page via Google or Bing. And we can both agree on at least one thing that these two companies can be trusted. The above graph tells you how important SEO is it for the world. The effort in SEO today will outrank any advertiser of tomorrow in over time, this is a proven fact.

SEO Company in Kolkata

We can’t say that we are the best SEO company in Kolkata. We exaggerate for the sake of a marketing pitch. Instead, let us assure you this we can provide the best SEO services in Kolkata. To make things more clear we are ready to show you metrics that other companies simply want to hide. Nowadays, even the smallest companies uses their website as a online brochure then why not make it search engine friendly and use it as a tool to build up customer base?

How long will it take!

This is million dollar question in our industry. No SEO Company in Kolkata can provide any gurantee or timeline. We can actually it will take approximately 6/8 months dependin on the compitition.Its also important to remember that any SEO Project should be treated as a long term merketing plan not as a set & forget campaign.