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Are you in need of customers attention? Are you finding yourself low in profits?

If yes, then you are at right place as you will find a simple solution of your low returns. Believe me, you’re not without help on this one. You will get the answer of every question related to website designing of your company.

Why to have a good website design

  • Website is a first impression on potential customers.
  • It converts target audience attention into sales and gives a good breakthrough to your business.
  • Through a website a business can expand itself on a large scale.
  • It has superior value over any other form of marketing.
  • Customers can easily find the required information.
  • Attractive website design build company brand image and name.
  • Graphics and images hooked customers on the site.
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We provide the reason for your business growth

Today businesses are in definite need of digital marketing and an engaging website as they are operating in digital world and require an engaging website to increase their sales. There are tons of website designing companies that you can consider. However, only few qualify to the top with their exceptional designing capabilities. Till today hundreds of companies all over the world have taken our services to achieve their desired business goals.

Website developer in Kolkata

Our website development company in Kolkata is offering the best web designing. Businesses are digitally changing with its services. Being the top website design company in India, we offer smart and attractive website designs. We have web developers with exceptional skills and that provide reasonable and result focused services. Although their approach is straightforward but results are always permanent. Our website developers in Kolkata offer custom website designs. They design and development what they promise to their clients. Smart planning including design thinking approach with a combination of latest technologies bring the business growth on fast-track.

Development process of a big launch

Website development process nearly follows the same steps irrespective of the site’s eventual goals. For your ease, our web design company is breaking down our process for you.


Website design company in Kolkata first get the complete information about the business. Our belief is to have good planning to get the good website. Developers through briefing get the purpose behind creating a website. It helps them to show the client’s dream into the paper. They ask different questions from clients. Do they want to vend products and services? Or do they have desire of enhancing brand image? What are the specifications of target audience? Are they teenagers or adults? Thus, our developers listen to clients and understand their requirements.

Some important considerations for developers:

  • The purpose of the website development; information or exclusively selling.

In Kolkata website development and designing serves more than one purpose. Business can use it to disseminate information about company products or services. Their sole purpose can also be selling and for this they persuade customers for buying different products.

  • Type of content on website.

Developers try to design website by keeping in mind customers and users. They design website that is user friendly and easy to explore. If customers can easily get their required information then number of potential customers easily increase.

  • Maintenance needs

Company must closely watch for any feedback and update developers for related changes in the website content. They must get feedback and update the website according. This will make the business competent in the market and updated according to the current trends of the industry.

  • Time and Cost

Website designer in Kolkata also take care of customers time and budget. They always follow specific deadlines and offer reasonable budgets.

Our Process

1. Planning

This is planning of on-site buyers’ trip. This step defines website’s layout and core functionality. Based on the data gathered from the 1st stage we construct sitemap and wireframe here. A sitemap is basically a wide view of your site. It is overview of slant of pages, their location and connection on the website. With site map developers can go deeper into planning.

On the other hand, a wireframe is the design of each discrete page of the site. Its summaries and charts out the basics and content. It comprises of navigation menus, content blocks, and CTA buttons. It is actually the achievement of functionality of the site and the desired user experience.

2. Designing

Housing a website isn’t laid-back. There are countless websites with decent content, but the design is poor. A website must have attractive design to serve its construction purposes. Here the tasks include from logo design to selecting templates. Developers also take decisions about the menus, contents & navigational system for the webs. They check for theme, color contract, text placement as well as images and videos.

3. Development

This is the most decisive phase of website design. This stage gives life to previous stage graphic designing. It is start of actual website as designers go for creation of database, logic & actual programming. Broadly, it is frontend and backend development. Frontend development can be seen by the users. The backend development is development of the server-side app. Now, designers run the codes on it to manage it functional and run effortlessly. They make use of programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to run and function the website as they want. It’s the home page that is first designed before other pages.

4. Content writing

After the designing and development, the next step is the writing the content on website. Content writing fulfill business objectives as it is the process of adding calls-to-actions. It is thus expanding information about the business. A good website must have an excellent and engaging content in order to grab the attention of customers. The content must have headings, subheadings and tags so customers can easily get the required information. Content writing can be about brand awareness, giving information about new product or getting product leads. The best strategy that our company follows is to prepare all the website content prior to or throughout the development process.

In addition, content is used to boosts a site’s prominence for search engines. It must follow the search engine optimization and there must be use of right keywords and key-phrases. A Google Keyword Planner is one of the effective tools in this regard. The other tactic can be the use of Google Trends. The important words that are required to be ranked must be placed in the title tag. Keyword’s position must be in the H1 tag, meta description, and body content.

5. Testing & Delivery

A site is launched once everything is working handsomely. QA performs the Content, Functional and Design Testing. The team checks every page and link before launching the site to take care nothing is fragmented. Possible typing errors are also checked by running spelling check software. After the successful testing files are uploaded to the server. WordPress is also installed to further improve the site. Designers make models of all the folios on the website and show them to customer. Once they give the final approval, a site is launched. After all the checks the website is officially launched and become public. Launch timing must be properly planned.

6. Maintenance

The website development scheme doesn’t twitch with coding and doesn’t finish after the day you finally introduce your website. The post-launch period is slightly weightier. Thus, our company offers 2 Year Free Support. We screen the website, fix any bug and work on all the future updates. There is no use of attractive designing if it is missing maintenance. Thus, maintenance refers to updating of contents & design of the website. Website falls under the category of service. This service also does not end with the delivery but company is required to update it according to customers feedbacks and needs. Here, the principal guide is the feedback taken from end-user’s face. Any failure may decrease the number of customers as they switch to other website that offer them better experience. This is also a very crucial step as it is making of website alive for public.

In a Nutshell

Any company effective online presence goes beyond just coding. It must pass through the specific steps of web development process to get an attractive website. Every step is essential whether a company is offering a small or large product. In addition, it also offers the company a control over the marketing plan.

Building the dream website today

Are you now ready to experience the charm of website development? Contact our low-cost website design company in Kolkata for your dream website and talk to our strategists. We are a reliable company that treats each and every project equally important.

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